VoIP and Globalization: a New Reality for the World
VoIP And Globalization

VoIP and Globalization: a New Reality for the World

VoIP is the future. Even with the bombardment of Vonage commercials, one cannot emphasize enough the revolutionary effect VoIP will have on the world. There is now a world in which a call from here to Timbuctou could actually be free. In review of all past technologies that is a tremendous leap for all of mankind. Imagine that, calling anywhere in the world, from the USA to Germany to China are absolutely free of charge. It has happened, and is happening right now, thanks to the internet phone revolution.

Take China for example. Usually costs at the very least $.20 a minute, and while no VoIP company yet offers say, free calling to China, because often it has to go through the regular phone switchboards, but there is a way to get for free calling to a specific person in China. Assuming the person has a broadband internet connection, all they would need to do is buy the same VoIP provider as the caller. For instance, they could buy Vonage, and if you had Vonage, then you are “in-network” and the call is free!

That’s not to say that calling has not been significantly cheaper! For instance most VoIP companies offers calling to China for 3 cents a minute! Imagine that! Calling the Communist bloc for pennies a minute. Rates that are at the very least cut in a fourth compared to their landline counterparts. No one can possibly dispute the financial savings of VoIP. Aside from international calling, most people will save up to $1,000 every year on their phone bill, more or less, depending on their phone plans.

So what role will VoIP play in the future? Most estimates predict that within a decade, VoIP will overtake landline phone services. Our VoIP review’s popularity has revealed to us that it could be much sooner than that. This is already coming to fruition, as Vonage already has over 1 million members. One of the possible reasons for abolishing landline is that with a majority of Americans using cell phones, the main need for landline is cheaper foreign calls, and saving on the cell bill. Two areas that VoIP has been shown to be better suited than landline in every way.