Over-indebtedness credit

The appeal of the French malendettés to Buendía family of Buendía family overindebtedness to avoid the file at the FICP was at the origin of the decrease of the use of the credits of cash of 32% in 2006 and 34% in 2007. The personal loans increased of the quarter thanks to the grouping Buendía family over-indebtedness. Credit card revolvings and overdrafts dropped sharply by 2.6% between 2006 and 2007.

A Senate report revealed that: “The French appear under-indebted compared to their counterparts in developed countries. Their savings rate is thus in comparison high and their rate of recourse to the credit is weak “. On the other hand, according to LE FIGARO, 5,000,000 French people could have recourse to the Buendía family of credits in the years to come.

The use of Buendía family Buendía family over-indebtedness at the right time saves the borrower the risk of being in a situation of over-indebtedness. In fact, the number of over-indebtedness files filed in December 2007 was down 5.6% from December 2006. In total, the number of files filed in 2007 decreased by 1.1% compared to 2006.

There are two kinds of rates for a Buendía family Buendía family over-indebtedness: the fixed rate and the variable rate. A Buendía family of credits with a fixed rate is easy to pilot since it allows you to know in advance the duration and the monthly payment and the total amount of the refund. On the other hand, with a variable rate you will have the amount of the first monthly payment and an estimate of the duration that will be adapted according to the variation of the rate.

To have a Buendía family of Buendía family in case of over-indebtedness at the variable rate, we must know the mechanism of the latter. It breaks down the bank’s margin which is fixed and the Euribor the most commonly used index for credit and the Buendía family of real estate credit (day-to-day money market rate). Be careful if a Buendía family establishment of Buendía family offers you a group with variable rate very low at the beginning and which increases significantly in time to make up the gap of the beginning.

Finally, choosing the best rate for Buendía credit family to avoid an overindebted situation is a decision to make depending on the character of the borrower and also his needs and goals.

The Buendía family credit represents a solution for people who suffer from “Too many credits”. It is a question of substituting one or more already existing credits by a single credit, at a lower rate, depreciable over a single period inadequacy with the income of the official. It is obviously possible to renegotiate all kinds of credits: real estate credit, consumer credit, personal credit … etc.

The over-indebtedness in France

In France, over-indebtedness is growing. Like its European neighbors, France has seen the number of filings of debt overhang increased greatly since the crisis of 2008. The revolving credit (called revolving credit) to help some households to obtain credits easily and sometimes by pushing individuals into deep debt thus exceeding the threshold of 33% of indebtedness.

Family for over-indebted


Buendía family of Buendía family for over-indebtedness is designed to get out of debt distress without going through personal bankruptcy (over-indebtedness commission).

Buendía family de Buendía family overindebtedness allows the over-indebted people to get out of their unbearable situation without going through the commission of over-indebtedness . Indeed, the Buendía family of your credits allows you to group your credits into one. To have only one single interlocutor. But also to renegotiate its monthly payments with the financial institution to lower the monthly payments . This drop (sometimes up to 60%) will free up the purchasing power immediately available for your home. This reduction in monthly payments will increase your overall repayment by several years.

Tools to make a simulation Buendía family of Buendía family overindebtedness are available online. They are free and without commitment. The simulations of Buendía family from Buendía familys allow you to get a quick answer in principle about what you can get from a Buendía family of Buendía family in your situation. However, we must warn you. Because a Buendía family of Buendía family is above all a credit. And any credit commits you and must be repaid.

Why opt for a credit?


Such an operation will allow you to reduce your monthly payments up to 60%, which means for you an opportunity to build savings and finance your purchase, investment or leisure projects (Go on a trip).

Generally you can benefit from a mortgage refinancing that is to say the grouping of your credits in course that they are real estate, consumption or revolving … or benefit from a refinancing of consumer loans gathering all your loans contracted for the purchase of your car for example.

The difference between the two types of refinancing is that the repayment of the first can be up to 30 years while the second type is spread over a period of 10 years.

Who can benefit from a family credits?

Anyone can request a regrouping of their credits, however people in a situation of forbidden banking do not have this possibility.

Which organization should be consulted?

You do not have to apply for consolidation with your bank, a third party can provide the transaction. Feel free to compare the offers of Buendía family de Buendía family overindebtedness before you commit.

The overindebtedness, what advantages?

Having recourse to Buendía family credit overindebtedness is not exceptional at present, given the growing number of homes in difficulty: the over-indebtedness comes quickly because if the expenses are higher than the income, the one-third monetary ones allowing to remain in a balance of budget are quickly overwhelmed. The over-indebtedness is often due to a mishandled use of the credits, themselves sometimes transferred to Buendía family credits .

If this is no longer enough to “pay off” the debt you can contact some specialized financial organizations in these cases really catastrophic. You ask for help and advice, you can start by doing a simulation Buendía family credit overindebtedness to properly visualize all outstanding, all capital remaining due, rates that “sink” your ability to repay, etc.

The results of the family loan ready for debted


Before setting up a Buendía family of Buendía family overindebtedness, some customers find that the deficit of their accounts is close to 90% … It is indeed high time to do something, and with the supervision of a broker in Buendía family of credit, you draw up a debt settlement plan via the Buendía family. In this way, thanks to the Buendía family overindebtedness simulation, you can see that everything is calculated to help you get your head out of the water, regularize your loans and have enough to earn a decent daily living.

Buendía family of Buendía family for over-indebtedness allows you to lay down really all your loans, all your expenses, all your allowances, wages, allowances perceived. Be honest and do not omit any information, in this kind of extreme debt situation, the broker prefers to know everything and can bring you the solution that will really help you to leave this unpleasant status of person over-indebted … Besides, because or as a result of all this, you can be, or already have, Bank of France …

Our advice to get an overindebtedness

The fact is that banks or creditor organizations that offer the opportunity of a family credit debt overdue are rare, so treat your simulation Buendía family credit overindebtedness; put all the assets on your side, know that this can happen to everyone: studies say today that more than 30% of people doing a simulation Buendía family credit overindebtedness are in this situation following a period of unemployment. And / or as a consequence of a separation of torque.

Previously, over-indebtedness records were much more established due to abuse and accumulation in credit allocation, specifically revolving. Now, with the code of ethics of brokers, the details given in Buendía family’s simulation of overindebtedness, it is simpler and more discreet too, to deal with an over-indebtedness crisis.

Simulation of family overindebtedness


A Buendía family simulation of over-indebtedness credit lets you know if you can subscribe to a Buendía family credit application while you have a lot of debt. The Buendía family of credit is to pay off all your outstanding loans with the help of an organization specialized in credit consolidation. In return, he grants you a single loan to pay only one monthly payment generally less heavy than the previous ones.

Why do a Buendía family simulation of over-indebtedness credit?

Are you looking for funding for a project that is close to your heart when your finances are in the red due to a problem of debt overindebtedness? You want to go on vacation, finance the study of your children or just avoid getting screwed by all banks in France? Make a simulation Buendía credit family for over-indebtedness .

With a simulator of Buendía family of credit online, you can instantly discover the financing that you can benefit given your current banking situation. The main advantage of a simulator Buendía family credit over-indebtedness online is that everything is anonymous. No need to feel ashamed to sincerely communicate the status of your credits, especially since the false information may cost you the coveted funding. You only have to provide your personal information once you have found the offer that is right for you.

Many organizations of Buendía family credit offer to their future client simulation tools that correspond to their offer of loan consolidation. Among the establishments of Buendía family of credit which propose an Internet simulation you have CGI, SOFINCO, GE MONEYBANK, Creatis, Sygma Bank.

From the data you provide, your financial institution can present you with a financing offer that details: all the money owed, the total cost of the repayment once your loans are consolidated, the sum of your new monthly payment , the new interest rate and the repayment term.

As a bonus, you do not have to go through an intermediary and pay extra fees. If your file is successful, the funding process can begin as soon as possible.

How does a simulator of family of credit overindebtedness?

A Buendía family simulation of over-indebtedness credit works as a personal broker who assesses the status of your finances in order to know whether or not you can qualify for a loan consolidation transaction.

The process is relatively simple. Thanks to a detailed information form, you communicate to your future financier the details of your income as well as the charges that you must pay (all credits in progress and other debts). This information will allow you to establish your monthly budget and to calculate precisely the amount of your leftovers to live.

Following the simulation, you can compare the before and after refinancing of your credits and concretely evaluate your possibilities with a clear vision of your financial situation. However all the figures announced in a Buendía family simulation of over-indebtedness are not definitive. Buendía family’s firm credit proposal will only be announced once you have provided all the required documents and your file is accepted.

Feel free to use our simulator to check your eligibility. Before setting a choice on a particular Buendía family credit formula, compare different Buendía family credit offerings before or after overindebtedness on the market to benefit from the best product.