Careful With Those VoIP Reviews
VoIP Reviews

Careful With Those VoIP Reviews

All across the internet, there are many people who are writing away their opinions about VoIP products. The bias is enormous, ranging from spiteful ranting to the overly excited and optimistic. There are those who say worship Vonage, and those who curse it. The same can be said for almost all VoIP companies. VoIP is an emerging industry, and this has always been the case with new products. There are those who adapt quickly, and love the transition… and then those who dislike change. Once VoIP reviews can get past these two initial extremes, VoIP has a varying amount of factors to consider: Price, is of course the main advantage VoIP has over traditional landlines, so the emphasis often lands on that factor. There are bargain VoIP that can be reliable, but generally speaking, the old slogan,  “you get what you pay for” still rings true. That said, most VoIP are much cheaper than landline, which should be emphasized as a reason to stick with VoIP through tough times.

Other important weight must be given to reliability. The price of a product is not important if the product itself does not perform as advertised. However, in the emerging VoIP market, it is to be expected to have a few bumps in the road. Don’t let one problem result in a negative review that the company perhaps didn’t truly deserve. Or if you manage to not have any problems, balance your lucky experience and emphasize that some customers have an occasional problem or two. This will help avoid disappointing or falsely raising expectations for your readers.

In VoIP this can be especially disconcerting, as my main point of emphasis for VoIP reviews is for the writer consider his own bias or situation. For instance, if you run into a relatively infrequent problem, say you have a rare outage from the company, as someone writing a VoIP review you would instantly be compelled to slander the VoIP service as unreliable.  Consider first, other experiences as well, upon your own. If you plan on writing an authoritative VoIP review, it is your duties to not only give your own opinion but to research the common scenario that someone might face.

Yet, with all these reminders to be objective, you must also certainly give your own perspective. Include your own experiences, like any outages or problems, your experiences with customer service, and the end figure on your monthly bill. However, keep other opinions weighed in your mind as you make them to avoid making any grandiose or excessively disparaging statements. There is no worse deed as a reviewer than to steer customers away from a good VoIP service, or to lure them to a bad one.