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Why You Need VoIP

There are many factors that make VoIP a great choice today. Whether you’re worried about the monthly bill, or need to make long distance calls, or run a business: there is something in VoIP for everyone. There are also many factors and situations in which you might want to consider using an internet phone service.

If you have to make calls abroad, VoIP is a must. The prices can range from free calling to low $.03 a minute calls to major countries. Even third world country rates are significantly cheaper. Many VoIP companies offer phone numbers in foreign countries. This means you could live in the USA, and have an Australian phone number, so anyone from Australia could call you locally, often free. Most second numbers are only $5-10 a month, and some companies such as SunRocket offer two free numbers. You can even have two phone numbers for the same phone. This means that if any of the two numbers ring your one phone at home will answer. SunRocket offers a distinctive ring so you can know which number is being called.

For a business, many of the VoIP offerings can help you cut down on expensive telecommunications bills. Many businesses have saved thousands by switching to VoIP. Companies like Packet8 offer Virtual Offices with all the features such as PBX, that you may have grown accustomed to with landline phone service.

The biggest bottom line for the average consumer may very well be price. While normal landline companies charge anywhere from $60 to $120 a month for phone service, VoIP services tend to cost $25 or less a month for their unlimited calling plans. This can easily lead to savings of up to $1,000 a year for the average American household. If you use a cell phone for your major calling like half of America, and only wish to use the home phone for minimal calling, plans such as ViaTalk’s $9.99 for 500 minutes a month may suit you.

Yet even if you desire the inexpensive, but reliable big-name service of Vonage, you will stay save hundreds of your phone bill. Vonage, perhaps the biggest brand name in VoIP, now offers unlimited calling to the USA, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, and the UK, all included in their for $24.99 a month unlimited plan.

So there are many reasons to use the internet phone. The international calls you need to make can be crisp, clear and inexpensive. The business expenses of companies all around America are drastically lowering because of VoIP. Or for the average household, lowering the monthly bill by $1,000 a year can be a definite advantage. There is most definitely a reason for everyone to switch to the internet phone.